CORONATUS - Porta Obscura

Coronatus - Porta Obscura

13 songs
54:40 minutes
***** ***


Coronatus from Germany were founded by two musicians as a studio project in 1999. In 2004 they became a sextet and released their debut Lux Noctis one year later. And now they are already back with the follow-up Porta Obscura which combines effortlessly gothic, symphonic and folk metal.

It’s unusual to have a band with two female vocalists, but it makes sense here as one of them is in charge of the high parts, and the other one sings the low ones. The high amount of operatic moments draws of course parallels to Nightwish, but Coronatus are more than just a simple clone. Their music is even more playful, sometimes bizarre and morbid, a little like Angizia from Austria who are rarely names as an inspiration. Most tracks have great arrangements, are full of ideas and delight again and again. Even the quiet songs, sometimes only accompanied by a piano, fit seamlessly into the overall concept. Apart from the aforementioned artists, Coronatus should also appeal to fans of Within Temptation and Leaves Eyes. I underline again that Coronatus are doing things their own way, adding so many different ideas into their material that it would be absurd to see them as simple copycats. The lyrics, in German and English, work well in both languages. The band leaves their path on two tracks. Der Vierte Ritter is a solid rock with bagpipes, and the bonus track Volles Leben, which was recorded in 2002, comes with male vocals and is the only blackout, as mood and voice are too close to Wolfsheim, which is not to be considered a compliment.

Sometimes you lose the overview of gothic bands with female singers, but Coronatus have a more easy-going approach that allows them to bring fresh air into the genre, although they hardly set new accents. It would be nice though to hear more of this band in the future.

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