CRANCK - Gas Guzzlin' Girls

Cranck - Gas Guzzlin' Girls

13 songs
44:50 minutes
***** ***


Gas Guzzlin' Girls is the re-release of Cranck's second album originally published in 2002. So far, I didn't know that there were many pop punk bands in Belgium, but Cranck convince on this CD. They are much inspired by the US west coast scene, especially the opener You Got It could also be featured on a Blink 182 album. Most of the 13 songs on this album are catchy emotional pop punk tunes which are absolutely suitable to be played on US college radio stations. Why Didn't You Call Me, You Are Everything and Martina are three highlights on the CD. Luck underlines that Cranck have developed the right feeling for sweet melodies. The only faster song is called Cum On, all other songs will certainly attract a teenage audience because of the catchy hooks. One fact that may distinguish Cranck from many other emo pop punk bands are the vocals which are slightly rawer than in most US or Canadian bands. Gas Guzzlin' Girls surely isn't very original, but it's entertaining, which is quite important, too.

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