THE CREEPSHOW - They All Fall Down

The Creepshow - They All Fall Down

11 songs
37:54 minutes
***** ***
People Like You


After Sell Your Soul and Run For Your Life, Canadian psychobilly/pop band The Creepshow are back with their third album They All Fall Down. As their previous releases all received favourable reviews, they didn’t see any reason to try something new and chose the safe path.

The intro is followed by the first regular track Get What’s Coming, putting the listener instantly into the right mood for The Creepshow. Centred around the audacious vocals of their attractive singer Sarah Sin, we get upbeat rhythms and countless splendidly arranged background choirs. Add to this cool organ sounds and the mandatory double bass, and you can imagine the band’s trademark sound. A few songs into the album, you will notice that The Creepshow have really nothing new to show up for. This is of course a little disappointing, but their new material still knows how to convince, even the more melancholic Sleep Tight which veers somewhat from their typical direction. The only major difference to their preceding albums are the male vocals that play this time a more dominant role. The concluding Nowhere is a bit annoying as it is padded with several minutes of blankness to give the record a longer running time as it actually has.

Therefore I see myself giving They All Fall Down one point less than Run For Your Life, in my opinion The Creepshow’s best album so far. We are left with only half an hour of new music, but no one can deny that this half hour achieves once again top quality. I wouldn’t have expected anything less of the Canadians.

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