CRETIN - Freakery

Cretin - Freakery

16 songs
29:54 minutes
***** ****
Relapse / Suburban


Do you remember the times when grindcore was a musical genre that really scared people? Even those who liked to listen to speed and thrash metal. That was in the late Eighties when pioneering bands like Napalm Death, Extreme Noise Terror and Repulsion (whose guitarist is contributing to this CD, by the way) gave the expression extreme metal a whole new meaning.

Freakery may be the debut album by American proto grinders Cretin, but they were already founded back in 1992, although were not active during all those years, as their bass player Matt Widener also played with death grinders Exhumed.

Lately, grindcore became a more precise science, with bands like Nasum and Regurgitate transforming the genre into something more technical, thus making it more accessible for the masses. Cretin don't care about subtleness, and a first impression tells you already all you need to know: this is a classical three-piece, with the bass guitar thundering right next to the guitar, and the drums giving you a full blast straight forward rhythm with lots of crashing cymbals. It is so basic, so simple and yet works terrifically. It all sounds as if Terrorizer had discovered the rock'n'roll attitude of Motörhead, all condensed into fast and lean two minute tracks. Highlights include the opener Tooth And Claw and the mean Daddy's Little Girl, although the fast sequence of songs in just under half an hour makes it hard to discern any particularities. Just lean back and enjoy this noisy Armageddon!

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