CRIMINAL - Sicario

Criminal - Sicario

12 songs
46:56 minutes
***** ***
Metal Blade


Normally you have to wait about three years before another Criminal CD gets released. But their fifth CD Sicario (Spanish word for assassin from the South American mafia and drug cartels) sees the day of light only a good year after their excellent No Gods No Masters. Although this early release really surprised me, the quality behind Sicario is undisputable. Criminal haven't lost any part of their originality and talent. If you like very crude thrash metal, this album is just a must-have for you. On one side, you find quite simple, but brutal thrash metal songs inspired by bands like Kreator or Slayer. A few examples are the opener Rise And Fall, Time Bomb and The Land God Forgot. But there's also another side of Criminal where they are more complex. Walking Dead and Shot In The Face are two songs that make me think of the thrash icons Voivod. But Criminal also surprise with melodic guitar solos (as on The Root Of All Evil and mid tempo structures in the title track. I even think that it's the first time that Criminal have a song with Spanish lyrics. Although they are now based in England, they started their career in their native Chile.

Criminal's new CD is again excellent, without exactly reaching the standard of the predecessor. This may be because the band decided to change slightly their musical direction. The songs are in general less complex than before, but much more straight forward, brutal, without giving up the melodic elements. But everyone who loves Eighties thrash metal can't avoid purchasing this record.

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