CRIMINAL ELEMENT - Career Criminal

Criminal Element - Career Criminal

8 songs
18:49 minutes
***** ***


Founded by Dying Fetus vocalist Vince Matthews and now consisting of additional members who play with Suffocation and Catastrophic, connoisseurs would expect technical East Coast death metal and promptly be disappointed, as Criminal Element offer eight tracks of unrelenting grind madness on their debut EP Career Criminal. Forget about technical intricacies, here you have five skilled musicians who this time don't need to show off their ability to play as complicated as possible, but rather pack engaging ideas into short twenty minutes that incorporate elements from simple death metal to speedy grind core, without forgetting to add a layer of hardcore rudeness.

Criminal Element's taste for rocking guitars, as on the genial title track, sets them apart from other grind core bands. Although Career Criminal is an extreme and throughout brutal album, it never tries to be more eccentric than necessary, but rather enjoys an unusual rock'n'roll atmosphere, as if Lemmy Kilmister decided to record a grind core album.

This is only an EP, and a debut as well, so time will tell if Criminal Element will be able to come forth with an equally brilliant longplayer, but until then, fans of rocking grind core should check out this short but intensive record.

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