C-ROM - The Winding Star

C-Rom - The Winding Star

12 songs
54:45 minutes


Is there a police car following me? Or is this a rabid dog howling at a full moon? No, this is C-Rom, a French metal band, who have one of the most obnoxious vocalists ever. Singer Christelle has a voice that probably can get crystal smashed, and that’s my first problem with their first full-length album The Winding Star. My second problem is that they are basically an average gothic metal band that adds some elements from electronic and industrial music. They have Samael and Pitchshifter among their inspirations, but they never reach the quality level of either of those two bands. The production is not heavy enough, the raw material just too insipid to make me listen to it furthermore.

A closer look at what other reviewers write, and I know I am not alone. Gothic metal is just not exciting anymore, and when a band like C-Rom does it even with a vocalist who has a really annoyingly high voice, then I have to wave the white flag straight from the beginning.

Some electronic parts are promising. Whenever the band strays from its familiar metal territory, they sound more adventuresome, and it all of a sudden is fun listening again (of course only until the vocals set in). Tell Christelle to try some deeper registers, work on your electronic components, and who knows, maybe your second album could be quite an improvement. The Winding Star in the meantime is just too cumbersome, and apart from die-hard goth fans who have to buy every female-fronted album, you better make a huge detour around this album.

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