CROSS X - Emolution

Cross X - Emolution

5 songs
14:19 minutes
***** *


I like bands that have the honesty to publish also bad reviews on their homepage. Cross X, who share two members with Sick Of Society, disappointed with their meagre debut album Negative Words four years ago, but time heals, or so they say, and now they are back with a short five-track EP that they label themselves a mixture of emocore and crossover. I don't find much emo on this album (except some of the backing vocals that have a certain modern metal touch), but the crossover tag makes sense. Cross X's heavy, groovy guitars with the rhythmical vocals remind me at times of Clawfinger. So if you like that kind of music, you will be well served with Emolution, but if you think that crossover happened ten years ago, then this EP is not for you.

Unlike Sick Of Society, Cross X have a less fun approach toward music, except on the short, punkish Paranoid (and no, it is not a cover version) where you just have to notice the family ties between both bands. The production is ok, if you can live with a slightly annoying snare drum. This leaves us with a certain improvement on their debut album, but also with a disorienting feeling that we have to deal with a band that's still looking for a direction. The very social price of 5 Euros should still be motivation enough for those, who like modern metal with a retro crossover touch, to purchase this EP.

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