CROSS X - Question Authority

Cross X - Question Authority

13 songs
36:00 minutes
***** *


Cross X have been around for ten years already, and this shows on their new album. The four Germans certainly haven’t lost any of their power, but Question Authority might as well have been recorded in 1995.

Cross X emphasise speed, hammering their dozen songs in exactly thirty-six minutes. Stylistically they are at home at their usual combination of Nineties crossover, hardcore, emo and screamo. They have two vocalists, one of them in charge of the angry shouted parts, the other one taking care of the cleaner passages. Cross X are most of the time very brutal, but the sometimes clumsy songwriting makes them now and then loose their thread. Especially the slower parts don’t really seem to fit, as can be witnessed on Father. Yet every cloud has a silver lining, in this case highlighted by Junk Masters, Truth and Qualify, all of them real smashers. Just too bad that the band can’t hold this level throughout the album.

In these times where many metal bands rely on cryptic lyrics, it’s a welcome change that Cross X are quite direct and full of social awareness. Junk Masters is about large-scale livestock farming, G.N.W.P. (Good Night White Pride) accuses racism and xenophonia. The CD comes with an interesting multimedia part with additional videos, photos, band biography and lyrics sheet.

I have never been overly fond of Cross X’s music. There are some promising moments, but I can’t get rid of the impression that the band could do more if they just tried harder. The two years of preparation don’t really show eventually. Fans of crossover and hardcore might still risk an ear.

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