THE CROWN - Possessed 13

The Crown - Possessed 13

13 songs
50:26 minutes
***** ***
Metal Blade


What would you call a band like The Crown? Second league metal soldiers? Mmmh, I have been following their career for quite some time now already, and although they release one great album after another, they don't seem to make it to the very top yet. Possessed 13 is already their sixth album and marks also their 13th anniversary (even though their debut was only released in 1995). Consequently there are 13 songs on the album, divided in three parts. The Crown still practice their custom brand of fast old school thrash metal combined with typical Scandinavian death'n'roll. It may not be overtly original, but then not many bands have perfected this bastard style as seamlessly perfect as the Crown have done.

Ex-At The Gates vocalist Tomas Lindberg quit the band, and the Crown joined forces again with their original vocalist Johan Lindstrand. Apart from that change, which should improve the relationships within the band, Possessed 13 can be considered as a tribute from the Crown to themselves. The admitted to having dug out a lot of old guitar riffs from their very beginnings, and have given them the appropriate face lift. Song titles like Kill 'em All and Are You Morbid? give a nod at the true initiators of the genre, while blast-speed attacks like Natashead Overdrive should make every death thrash fan happy.

The first pressing of the album comes as a double CD, having logically 13 bonus tracks, among those a cover version of a Bathory song, an unreleased studio song as well as the remastered tracks from the band's first two demo tapes. So if you happen to like that style of music and also especially the Crown, you should try to get your hands on that limited edition as fast as possible. Sleepers will have to be happy with the single issue CD.

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