CROWN THE LOST - Blind Faith Loyalty

Crown The Lost - Blind Faith Loyalty

10 songs
54:38 minutes
***** ***
Cruz Del Sur


Named after a song by Suidakra, you would expect this Pittsburgh based quintet to play melodic death metal. Although some of that can be found in the guitar harmonies work, these youngsters feel more at home with muscular power metal with a certain fondness for thrash, done in a way that apparently only Americans can do. Risen from the ashes of Sinning Is Our Savior, the youngsters self-released their debut Reverence Dies Within in 2006. This must have drawn the attention of the Italian quality metal label Cruz Del Sur who have decided on publishing their sophomore effort Blind Faith Loyalty three years later.

Crown The Lost have worked on this follow-up for a long time, and it shows. The ten songs featured on the CD convince without an exception with upbeat power metal that comes with fierce thrash riffs, incredible technical performance and a vocalist whose high vocal range draws parallels to Warrel Dane. As a matter of fact, the band doesn’t sound unlike Nevermore, playing a similar brand of high-octane power metal that feels so different to many so-called genre products that are often nothing more than tame melodic metal with the occasional thrash riff inserted here and there.

We are in the presence of a still young band, and although they have delivered a flawless performance, you might sometimes wish that they added more catchiness to their otherwise impeccable songs. This way, you have to pay really close attention if you want deeper access to their music. But I still prefer an album like Blind Faith Loyalty to most toothless records that are these days branded as power metal. Look out for Crown The Lost, because these guys have the potential and fieriness that could make them really big in the near future.

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