CRYING NUT - Wild Wild Live

Crying Nut - Wild Wild Live

24 songs
108:16 minutes
***** **


Japan is the only Asian country to export artists that are actually popular in Western Europe: Pizzicato 5, Cornelius and some obscure metal bands of the Eighties. South Korean artists haven't made it big over here yet, although these two countries shared last year's more than successful soccer championship.

A band like Crying Nut is unlikely to change the situation. With songs not only sung in Korean language, but also using their alphabet, listeners with the Roman alphabet won't even know what the music is about. Looking at the cover artwork, it seems to me though as if Crying Nut are one of the more popular bands in the Asian South-East, which astonishes, as their brand of rocking folk punk would target only small audiences in Europe.

The common use of an accordion and the unfamiliar language make it sound sometimes like Russian-tinged folk punk, which isn't a bad thing after all. The production is rather unpolished, which surprises, considering the image of perfection we get from that region. This makes it a very likeable album, far from being essential though, but still a good way to become introduced to South Korean rock music, as they seem a lot more mature than the more comedic Rock Tigers.

I remember having read somewhere that Crying Nut disbanded because all the band members are coerced into military service, which should show us again the different lifestyles of carefree Europe and a far away country sometimes on the verge of a war.

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