Cryptic Wintermoon - A Coming Storm

14 songs
59:10 minutes
***** ***


How refreshing to find a black metal band where the musicians don't coat their faces in corpse-paint and also don't have names like Grünzh, Grakh and Grumble, but just plain old-fashioned names like Larsen, Ronny, Andreas, Gary, Andrea and Michael.

Due to business problems, it took Cryptic Wintermoon four years to release their second CD A Coming Storm, although these Germans are already rather established as they released their first demo back in 1995. Routine is something you will notice when listening to the 14 songs on this new album. Instead of limiting their material to half an hour devoted to one style only, Cryptic Wintermoon take an hour long journey through the black metal genre and its close relatives death metal, doom and gothic. This may not make their sound the most original around, but the self-confidence they showcase deserves respect. Before you are aware of it, you start slowly headbanging... which is ok if you're sitting alone at home, but if you're around people, just try to camouflage it as if nodding assent... very vigorously...

It's hard to pick a best song, which is no mistake, as Cryptic Wintermoon as keeping a constantly high level throughout the entire album. So if you are into the more melodic side of black metal, you can't do anything wrong by getting A Coming Storm. 8 solid points.

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