CRYSTAL EYES - Confessions Of The Maker

Crystal Eyes - Confessions Of The Maker

11 songs
54:07 minutes
***** **
Heavy Fidelity


The opener The Charioteer is screaming Sweden straight in your face. Crystal Eyes play this kind of power metal that is polished to perfection in Europe's high north. I have never heard of Crystal Eyes before, and was surprised to see that they are now already in their thirteenth year and have released their fifth full length album. Once you start looking them up on the web, you read a lot of not so good reviews of their albums. After making my way three times through Confessions Of The Maker, I can't see why this one should be any worse than your average good Swedish metal album, and wonder if the lack of a big label drives some people to disperse such negative thoughts.

Maybe Crystal Eyes improved with this album, as guitar player and main songwriter Mikael Dahl decided to give up singing on all but one song, and gave the microphone to Lost Horizon vocalist Daniel Heiman, whose terrific organ certainly is one of the reasons this band sounds so professional. Another reason is the fact that whenever they play faster songs, they even sound better than most power metal bands, giving them an air of late-Eighties melodic speed metal, somehow like very early Helloween. Of course they don't keep that high level throughout the album, but generally this should be a good album for fans of the genre, even if the lyrics rely too heavily on clichéd heavy metal lingo.

Like I said before, without a big label in their backs, they may have a hard time getting properly distributed, but maybe the fact that they are so far the only band on their label will also help them out priority-wise. Quality-conscious melodic power metal fans should check this album out.

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