CUBA MISSOURI - My Favourite Bad Idea

Cuba Missouri - My Favourite Bad Idea

8 songs
31:50 minutes
***** ***


Are these guys slow or what? Although the album was recorded in just 4 days in late 2001, it took nearly another 3 years to get the mini-album released on Proosh Records. Since then these Münster guys have been featured already on a couple of compilations (among others on Noiseworks Records) and they did some promo releases.

My Favourite Bad Idea, their debut release, starts with two more rocking songs that remind me a bit of a junior version of Smashing Pumpkins: melancholic independent rock that finds a nice balance between sincere emotions and ballsy rock sounds. From the third song (A Maze Out) on, you should be relieved to notice that we don't have to deal with copycats, as the song writing becomes more daring. Sure, it's not the safest plan to leave the well-trodden path of easygoing rock music, but these more challenging tunes make sure that also repeated listening will make you discover new elements every time you spend some time with this interesting band. While half of the songs (the two first ones and the two last ones) are more accessible, the middle part of this long running mini-album is flirting with more experimental elements, bringing Cuba Missouri closer to bands like Sans Secours and The Notwist.

This is not yet a perfect release, but already very promising indeed. While the song writing could be more involving at times, the vast amount of musical ideas and influences easily makes up for that lack. This is a band that deserves to be supported, and you can start by ordering their album or at least visiting their website where you can download a couple of MP3s to get an impression what you have been missing out on so far.

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