CUMULO NIMBUS - Totensonntag

Cumulo Nimbus - Totensonntag

11 songs
45:53 minutes
***** ***
Black Bards


Cumulo Nimbus from Germany can be counted to the medieval scene, but the band attaches importance to the fact that they allow renaissance elements to flow into their music. The sextet which was founded in 2000 is now back with their third album Totensonntag, their first release on a label. Mixing metal with folk music, they also sometimes like to perform unplugged, even though they show themselves from their more electric side on this CD.

Totensonntag offers three quarters of an hour decent entertainment, even though it can’t be said that the band has reinvented medieval rock. Their collection of traditional instruments is respectable, as the rock instruments are complemented by mandolin, bagpipe, crumhorn, lute, flute and violin. The band emphasises upbeat melodies that instantly stick with their audience, although this reminds strongly of Honigdieb, the band of former Idiots and Phantoms Of Future frontman Sir Hannes. At times Cumulo Nimbus play faster (Carpe Noctem, Erbarmen) but are also not immune to melancholy (Blutrote Segel, Stadt unter Wasser). The title track sounds, despite its mourning undertone, quite romantic, the following Alte Mühle comes with rougher vocals, not unlike Rammstein, and rather bizarre structures. This is very unusual but all the more entertaining. You definitely have to grant the band that they implement the most different moods very skilfully. Furthermore we get strong voices, male and female, that fit perfectly their medieval orientation, but are never so coarse as to ruin the authenticity of the gentler parts.

Cumulo Nimbus are certainly riding the popular wave of medieval rock, but nevertheless offer high quality music that proves that they have what it takes to make them sometime soon one of the guiding lights of the genre.

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