CURBS - The City Of Dreaming Spires

Curbs - The City Of Dreaming Spires

11 songs
46:50 minutes
***** **


When Britpop finally peaked in the Nineties, it was obvious that also bands from other countries would try to emulate that sound. Some went even so far as to have their official homepage registered in the United Kingdom, like Curbs from Vienna. The Austrian quintet really want to sound like authentic British dudes, and that’s why they recruited former Ride vocalist/guitarist Mark Gardener to produce their third album The City Of Dreaming Spires.

And a wise choice this turned out to be. The hopefully dwindling number of myopic reactionaries who still haven’t understood that rock’n’roll is the universal glue keeping the world together will certainly blame Curbs of having given up everything intrinsically Austrian, but what eventually counts is the result, and that’s where no one can blame the band. The eleven songs take without exception advantage of the advanced songwriting skills of band leader Alex Wunderbar, and Mr. Gardener’s trained ears made him tweak the sound to purest British perfection. Curbs may neither have the bad boy image of Oasis, nor the experimentalism of Blur or the dandyish charms of Pulp, instead they opt for a nicer, pop-infused approach that might recall at times the Fab Four. Striking a nice balance between well behaved rockers and smooth indie pop tunes, Curbs manage to maintain some variety without ever foregoing their homogenous approach.

I doubt that England has been waiting for Austria to show them how to play Britpop, but there is still the rest of the world waiting to be conquered by Curbs’ highly enjoyable music.

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