CYCLORAMA - This Is Aerial Space Rock, Keep Your Hair On!!

Cyclorama - This Is Aerial Space Rock, Keep Your Hair On!!

11 songs
58:53 minutes
***** ***


It’s been more than two years since Cyclorama’s debut album Meeting Planets. This was right after the split of Karma Lounge, and his first solo steps, although continuing the psychedelic direction of his former band, still made this a very electronic effort. Lately Sébastien has been playing a lot of live shows, and then decided first to add a live drummer, and then even a bass player. On his second longplayer with the somewhat silly title This Is Aerial Space Rock, Keep Your Hair On!!, he still played all the instruments by himself, but the songs sound already much more organic, with the electronic component mainly adding atmospheric touches.

The opener Rock’n’Roll Dogma instantly shows a matured Cyclorama who has found his way back to earthy psychedelic rock. I don’t know if he played a real drum kit or did a really great job on programming beats, but they sound very authentic. The following I Shot An Arrow Into The Air is a mellower track, but is stylistically closer to post rock than to ambient electronica. The songs more or less oscillate between steamy psychedelic rock and more introspective material, and it is thanks to the wide array of influences that the one hour long CD never sounds boring. It seems as if Cyclorama has also a strong fondness for shoegazing indie music, so that eventually this sounds like Hawkwind or Gong teaming up with My Bloody Valentiny to produce an instrumental album. The only exception is Reveries which features Philippe Dupong from German indie band Grizzly and the Duck of Death on vocals. Although this track has certain similarities with The Jesus and Mary Chain, it would have been better put to the end, as it comes with a different, less floating vibe. Instead the album ends on the more than eight minutes long Dubgaze Four, a perfect choice to conclude this excellent record on a wobbly stellar note. This Is Aerial Space Rock, Keep Your Hair On!! Is far superior to its predecessor, finally elevating Cyclorama to a level where every self-respecting space rock fan should wet his eyes just at the thought of listening to his hallucinating sonic journeys.

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