CYPECORE - Innocent

Cypecore - Innocent

12 songs
51:49 minutes
***** **


One year after their inception in 2007, German metal band Cypecore already self-released their debut Innocent, which awed the people at Twilight Records so much that they give it another go two years later. The quintet describes its music as melodic industrial death metal which sounds quite unique, and while the former makes sense, the latter is in my opinion debatable.

The album starts with a nearly four minute long synthesizer intro which sets the mood for the intended futuristic atmosphere, but would have done its service also in half the time. This is followed by ten regular songs and another atmospheric outro which again clocks in at an overly long three minutes. This leaves us with forty-five minutes of actual music that is surprisingly tight for such a young band. Inspired by the Gothenburg school of death metal, it is undeniable that the cybernetic metal sound of Fear Factory has also left strong traces. The band didn’t leave anything to chance and made sure that the production takes the most out of the songs. The guitars come with a pleasantly churning sound, the rhythm section provides the necessary punch, the vocalist has a strong, charismatic voice, and subtle keyboards underneath help to define a slight science fictional ambience.

Cypecore have definitely done a great job on Innocent. Few newcomer bands have achieved already such a degree of maturity after only one year of existence. The only drawback is a certain lack of originality. Too strong are the shadows of their influences, leaving the youngsters sounding too often like a Swedish death metal band like In Flames or At The Gates teaming up with Fear Factory. Only the slightly longer …And Death Was Nothing To Him surprises with an unexpected build-up that inevitably will get your attention.

Innocent is a more than just promising debut, and I am quite certain that Cypecore will work hard to develop their own sound more strongly. I am already quite eager to hear what they will have to offer on their next album.

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