CRYONIC - Kings Of Avalon

Cryonic - Kings Of Avalon

11 songs
46:01 minutes
High Roller


The cover painting has been done in such an awkward fashion that you get the impression to be in the presence of a new Spinal Tap. This is not the case as I couldn’t detect any trace of humour on Kings Of Avalon. Apparently neither the illustrator nor the band seem be really talented.

Cryonic are a metal band from Sweden that started out in 2004. Two members used to be in rock band Madigan but decided to become louder with their new band, unabashedly claiming to play power metal. At first they didn’t really get anywhere due to countless line-up changes, but their debut Evil Mind finally arrived in 2007.

Three years later they are back with their second album Kings Of Avalon which unfortunately fails to amaze me. Cryonic act like amateurs, and although you can’t blame them for trying, it definitely is not enough to be an Eighties metal fan to make you instantly able to successfully play this kind of music. The songwriting lacks ease and the songs often give you the impression of musicians playing next to each other instead of with each other. The vocals are accordingly uneven. At times they sound a bit like the Scorpions, their heavier material shows their familiarity with Judas Priest, but never do they achieve to play at the same level. Tracks like Living On The Road and No More sound incredibly trite, but especially the ballads The One and Seven Doors seem out of place in the metal circus. A few songs (King Of The Hill, Tear Down The Walls) show some promise, but the band is just not yet able up keep this up throughout the album.

Their label High Roller seems to sign a lot of bands, and while some of them are really good, other ones would never have a chance to be signed by more picky companies. There are so many better bands waiting to be discovered that I don’t see any reason why you should waste your time on Cryonic’s mediocre output.

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