DA LOCO - Da Loco

Da Loco - Da Loco

15 songs
50:34 minutes
***** **
Lawine / Virgin


Da Loco - the mad man - is a German newcomer whose first self-titled album is a journey to the borderland between rap and rock, something which Kid Rock has popularised in the last few years. Even though Da Loco may have some things in common with Kid Rock, I see him more in the culture of German rap like Moses P. or Xavier Naidoo gone rock.

The cover artwork displays a heavily tattooed young man wearing fashionable pants and having a modern haircut, but supposedly not enough money to buy a shirt so that he has to show off his well trained upper body... the ladies will like it, I guess. But don't come to conclusions too quickly, because once you get past the rather shallow surface, you'll discover a world of well crafted groovy rock songs with strongly rap tinged vocals. As a matter of fact, the music is more organic than you might have feared, and the vocals are not your typical "the world is tough but I am tougher" vocals, but rather very schizophrenic. Songs like Da Loco or Stimmen im Kopf - if the lyrics are not made up - seem to be therapeutic.

What comes as a surprise is the fact that musicians from German metal pranksters J.B.O. are providing the guitars on my favourite song Keina... weird, considering the seriousness of Da Loco's own music.

I give this album 7 points. It's not really what I listen to myself, but I admit it's well done. People who like music like Such A Surge etc. should check out Da Loco too.

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