DAMNATION A.D. - In This Life Or The Next

Damnation A.D. - In This Life Or The Next

12 songs
40:55 minutes
***** ***


After a nearly ten year hiatus, Damnation A.D. from Washington DC are back in a rock landscape that has changed considerably since they released their last album. If you didn’t know any better, you’d say that In This Life Or The Next was just another metalcore release, forgetting that Damnation A.D. were already metalcore before that term even existed. Spearheading together with bands like Integrity a new hardcore movement that was more relying on metal than on punk influences, Damnation A.D. should be seen as the forefathers of metalcore.

And while In This Life Or The Next is not exactly a groundbreaking album, it still has all the ingredients to make it a winner after all. Bone-dry heavy production, a vocalist who’s spewing out his hatred filled lyrics, a guitarist who is shaking killer riffs by the dozen out of his instrument and a rhythm section that is relentlessly driving the songs forward. The band leaves little room for rest, except on the near gothic If You Could Remember which has a catchy melody.

It’s funny to see nowadays bands that still paint big capital X’s on the backs of their hands with black carcinogenic markers, but at least Damnation A.D. have lyrics that make sense in their own way, and repeated listening shows that In This Life Or The Next has many more redeeming qualities than your average trend hopping newcomer metalcore release. This is recommended listening for every fan of extreme metal music.

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