DAMN THE EMPIRE - With Trends Like These…

Damn The Empire - With Trends Like These…

16 songs
20:19 minutes
***** ***


Sixteen tracks in just twenty minutes: this promises to become quite a whirlwind of ferocity. Fortunately Melbourne punk rockers Damn The Empire never forget their melodies, and while you would normally expect crust punk or hardcore songs to be one minute long, the Australians play rather classic hardcore punk, even though every single song is played at a terrific speed.

The angry vocals fit the music, at times taking us back to a time when even I was too young to witness the first hardcore bands that added pop catchiness to screaming outburst of guitar distortion. 7 Seconds come to mind, but Damn The Empire have a more testosterone-fuelled approach to their craft.

The lyrics are accordingly flavoured with feelings of anger and frustration, especially This Free Music Download Brought To You Courtesy Of Metallica’s Lars Ulrich (long title for a 97 seconds track!) whose meaning should be self-explanatory.

The songs run all between thirty seconds and just under two minutes, and when the fun is over after twenty minutes, you might feel a little disappointed but also satisfied because such a fast-paced and sweat-drenched performance has said everything necessary in that time span. With Trends Like These… is maybe not a milestone in hardcore punk music, but Damn The Machine sound fresher and more spontaneous than many of their American counterparts that their label states as reference points: Kid Dynamite, Good Riddance,… just to name a few. Fans of the more direct approach in punk rock should definitely check out this band from down under.

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