DANIEL BENJAMIN - There's A Deathbed For Your Monster

Daniel Benjamin - There's A Deathbed For Your Monster

13 songs
45:00 minutes
***** ****
Haldern Pop


Writing songs since he was a young adolescent, Daniel Benjamin started his solo career in the early years of the millennium, self-releasing a couple of EPs and a self-titled longplayer before he was picked up by his current label for his second album There’s A Monster Under Your Deathbed in 2009. Until that year he was also the drummer for German indie rock band Jumbo Jet whose singer Eleni is not only featured on his solo records but has also been his wife since 2004.

A short year later Daniel Benjamin is back with the nearly identically titled There’s A Deathbed For Your Monster. Normally I am not a big fan of German melancholy, but sometimes there are exceptions, like for instance Maximilian Hecker whose early CDs were true revelations. Daniel Benjamin’s approach doesn’t seem that different. The thirteen tracks on the new album are mostly short, yet always very lushly arranged indie pop jewels that can only fail to move the coldest at heart. Benjamin’s unobtrusive voice has a very appealing quality, with the artist always putting his vocals in the service of the song. Guitars, acoustic and sublimely warm electric piano provide the necessary backdrop, although a couple of guest musicians add nice touches with clavinet, violo and upright bass.

There’s A Deathbed For Your Monster is not an instantly accessible record, but that is where its charm lies. Where many young band prefer to opt for vapid pop which may stick right from the start but soon lose all interest, Daniel Benjamin offers his fans songs that crave to be discovered. Not unlike Radiohead, he also has the rare gift to pack an incredible amount of ideas into airplay timed tracks that ultimately will still serve as perfect indie pop songs. The fact that he was asked to open four shows for Whitney Houston should be indication enough that a huge talent is at work here. Let’s hope that Daniel Benjamin will soon get the enormous success he deserves.

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