DANY DES RUES - Mucus Minute

Dany Des Rues - Mucus Minute

15 songs
46:20 minutes
***** *


In 2006, I received my first Dany Des Rues CD when he was playing his acoustic guitar outside the Rockhal after the Bénabar gig. I met him again performing outside the same venue, this time after the Riders Of The Storm show, and in exchange for a couple of coins, he gave me his new CD.

Dany’s homepage tells a lot of unessential, but entertaining information. I know now for instance that he’s exactly one week older than I am, that he gave up school early and decided to make music on his own with his guitar. Since 1988, he’s been a street musician and since 1995, he has also been performing in smaller bars. Furthermore he doesn’t like sports, but he has to do sports as he gained some weight after he quit smoking.

The musical differences between Restaurant à volonté (his 7th album) and Mucus Minute (his 9th album – damn, I missed one!) aren’t too big. Dany’s main influences still are the two French rock institutions Renaud and Téléphone, and of course the comic aspect from Coluche. The album starts fantastically with the catchy pop song Volcan, which is followed by Michael Jackson est innocent, a funny song about Michael Jackson’s affection to young children. These two songs are the highlights of the record. The remaining song are either on a good or average level (I can also recommend Cyril le viril, Le survivant honteux, Mucus Minute Partout, Fille à…, Merde alors). But a few ballads (Le cas tof, Zut alors, c’est de son âge) would need more power to convince me. But Dany Des Rues is a street musician and therefore the vocals and the guitar have the most important role on the record. There’s only a little support by some friends on harmonica, backing vocals and choirs. The CD also contains a video clip of the opener Volcan with surprising camera and image quality.

Mucus Minute is a nice album which works well as background music. Unfortunately the album doesn’t contain too many real highlights. But it’s always fun seeing him performing and I’m certain that I will again buy his next album for a couple of Euro.

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