DARK DISCIPLE - Unholy Hate Gore

Dark Disciple - Unholy Hate Gore

10 songs
28:41 minutes
***** **


Once in a while I really enjoy to get my death metal totally down and dirty. When Sweden added melody to death metal some years back, I often felt reminded of Iron Maiden played on 45rpm with a rabid pig squealing in the background. So from time to time it's really cool to discover bands like Dark Disciple who cling to the American tradition of primitive but intense death metal.

Just to give you an impression: 10 songs in just under half an hour leaves not much room for doodling around, instead you get short but extremely powerful anthems of hate that sound like a bastard son of death metal icons like Deicide or early Cannibal Corpse and grind core elements to add the necessary speed to the music.

The lyrics are full of hatred against Christianity, and just looking at these guys' faces, you don't want to be a servant of the Lord anymore. But intensive aggressive music like that couldn't come with any other messages. Dark Disciple are never really subtle, but the uncompromising way in which they play their technically flawless old school death metal, without ever flirting with trendy genres (black metal, gothic, melodic stuff), makes this a surprisingly strong, if a little short, album that deserves to be checked out by every self-respecting death metal fan.

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