Darkest Hour - Deliver Us

11 songs
39:41 minutes
***** ****


Deliver Us is the fifth CD by Darkest Hour, a metalcore band which has been around for about twelve years. Like on the two preceding albums, Darkest Hour have again been able to present a very mature work that will appeal both to metal and hardcore fans. Their last album Undoing Ruin was their first one to enter the American Billboard Top 200 charts. Never changing a winning team, there have been no line-up changes and Darkest Hour moved again to Vancouver to hire Devin Townsend as a producer.

It doesn’t surprise that the differences between these two albums are minimal. Darkest Hour won’t win a prize for innovation, but this shouldn’t mean that their new effort is disappointing. Darkest Hour are not a pure metalcore band, but power the genre up with melodic death and thrash metal elements. Their sound is pure adrenaline and far more exciting than what Killswitch Engage and As I Lay Dying are playing at the moment.

Deliver Us starts with Doomsayer, one of the band’s most aggressive songs ever. Sanctuary and Demon(s) are calmer and surprise with great choruses. An Ethereal Drain is a fine example for melodic death metal before the album comes to a real highlight with A Paradox With Flies which contains both brutal and melodic parts and shows how developed Darkest Hour’s songwriting has become. The Light At The Edge Of The World is a calmer intermezzo with spoken words perfectly placed in the middle of the record. Stand And Receive Your Judgement is a total contrast to this short break and shows Darkest Hour from a most brutal side. Tunguska is the name of a region in Russia but also a killer song containing fantastic breaks. Fire In The Skies is a fast, hectic and epic track which reflects the typical Devin Townsend sound. Full Imperial Collapse is heavy and sluggish as lead and the final title track gives the album an angry conclusion.

Darkest Hour have done everything right on the record. The sound couldn’t be more overwhelming, the diversity in songwriting and vocals is exemplary, the guitars are harmonizing perfectly and the rhythm section fulfils all expectations. Metalcore bands have nowadays a difficult task to stand out, but Darkest Hour succeed again and again in creating albums which are different from the competition.

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