DARK REFLEXIONS - Beyond Obscurity

Dark Reflexions - Beyond Obscurity

10 songs
43:41 minutes
***** ***
Silent Noise


Dark Reflexions from Austria are a young band founded only in 2009. The five guys from Vorarlberg who love heavy music consequently move between melodic death metal and metalcore. They didn’t take long for their debut longplayer Beyond Obscurity which saw the light of day at the end of 2010. Furthermore they have been touring quite busily, and next to two headliner tours, they opened already for such renowned acts like Lamb Of God, Born From Pain and Arch Enemy.

These feats should be proof enough of the youngsters’ qualities. Even though Dark Reflexions are dwelling in well known territories, they manage to add a welcome sense of dynamics to their music and never sound like a simple rehash of established bands. Dark Reflexions put a lot of emphasis on a brisk pace and convince right from the start with mean breakdowns on the opener The Path Of The Weak. The first highlight comes with Eternal Fear, the third track on the CD, which sports plenty of tempo changes and is unafraid to put wild mosh attacks next to quieter bits and even surprises with a spoken work part. Darkened Skies also happens to please with its dark atmosphere without shedding one ounce of brutality. Like a whirlwind without a pause comes Faceless, while Visions Of Paradise has a definite thrash metal feeling. The album ends on the spectacular eight minute ride Darkness, Quiet, where the title reveals already its dark and menacing qualities. Screamo fans will find a lot to like here. The vocalist does actually a great job all over, and apart from two spoken work parts, he is screaming his guts out without a break, which fits the mood of the music perfectly well.

Dark Reflexions can be proud of their debut album. They have shown that it’s possible to enter new ideas into genres that are currently the hype, which was no easy thing to do. They succeeded by having the courage to let their imagination run free, instead of taking the safe course by only using tried and tested recipes. Let’s hope that Dark Reflexions continue in the same vein.

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