DARZAMAT - Solfernus Path

Darzamat - Solfernus Path

14 songs
43:06 minutes
***** ***


Darzamat from Poland play an unconventional mix of black, gothic and symphonic metal, which helps to set them apart from the competition. Their varied and mature sound indicates that we are in the presence of experienced musicians. Therefore it shouldn’t surprise that the band was founded in 1995 and that Solfernus Path is already their fourth longplayer.

The albums starts with a whispered vocal intro that sets you instantly into a fitting mystic mood. The opener continues in a hefty black and gothic metal way with a strong spooky factor that reminds a little of Notre Dame and King Diamond. Although they use male growls and clear female singing, they still circumvent clichés as they don’t deliberately copy any other band. Nera’s voice shows parallels to Anneke van Giersbergen, although that might be coincidental and always more welcome than the thousandth Nightwish clone. The songwriting is beyond blame, too. The keyboards play an important role but never seem to intrusive, but rather help built the tension. The songs are full of surprising turns. The transitions may sometimes seem a little harsh, but always done skilfully. Only the four ninety second long instrumental tracks unfortunately rob the album of its momentum. Maybe next time they can do without that faux-pas.

The Polish metal scene should no longer be restricted to Vader, Dies Irae and Riverside. Darzamat have proven that they have huge potential, and their mature performance should be able to attract a wide metal audience.

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