DAS SCHEIT - Superbitch

Das Scheit - Superbitch

10 songs
46:57 minutes
***** **
Black Lotus


Das Scheit's previous two self-released albums received good reviews on one of the former incantations of our website, and got them the reputation of being a psycho metal band. On their third CD Superbitch, Das Scheit haven't become traditionalists, but their sound has changed without losing its modern metal touch. A reason for this development could be a double line-up change, although the two founding members Sascha and Clint still remain in the band.

The opener Seven Seconds (neither a tribute to the punk legend nor a cover version of the Youssou N'Dour song) is a very melodic song with a slight industrial touch. The vocals by the extravagant singer Clint are weird and sick, drawing parallels to White Zombie, Butthole Surfers and even sometimes Tool. But this is just one side of Das Scheit. There are other songs like Coming Up Roses and Splinters that are largely supported by a dominating keyboard sound, driving Das Scheit into a more gothic direction, a so far undiscovered musical land for them. The use of high synthetic voice effects (as known from early Eighties E.L.O.) can be heard on Earth Stands Still. On several tracks, Das Scheit go back to their roots while creating a harder and even sometimes noisy sound, as in Hardbody, Long Walk and my favourite About U. The last two songs on the album are slower and melancholic, which is another strong side for Das Scheit. There is no real weak point on this album if you don't consider Much Deeper with the unnecessary rap singing, but my personal opinion is that Das Scheit haven't been able to top their last album which was harder and straighter. This album often sounds a bit too trendy and misses the well organised chaos from And Ice Is Forming.

Superbitch was mixed and mastered by Eroc, the drummer of the German krautrock band Grobschnitt, who obtained his producing reputation by working for the likes of Philip Boa and Tic Tac Toe. Even if these are no metal references, the sound on the album is on a high level as Eroc seems to be a man who knows much about lots of different music genres.

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