DAVIDIAN - Hear Their Cries

Davidian - Hear Their Cries

9 songs
37:21 minutes
***** **
Limited Access


German band Davidian is among the few that still adhere to traditional thrash metal, even if occasional metalcore elements find their way into the songs. Their second CD Hear Their Cries was produced by Andy Classen, which guarantees already a top notch sound.

Unfortunately, the songs can’t quite hold up to the level of the production. Already the band name, borrowed from a Machine Head classic, doesn’t promise much originality. The opener Judas Cross convinces because of some successful blast beat parts. The following Count Your Beads fares even better, although it is kept at a more moderate pace, lying stylistically somewhere between Testament and Slayer. Dark Lights and Follow contain modern thrash elements, making them sounds rawer and more extreme. Davidian’s recipe seems to be building bridges between old school and modern thrash metal. This works quite well, gives the album the necessary variety, but ultimately Davidian lack recognition value.

Thrash metal purists who prefer intensity over originality should like the CD. I am convinced that Davidian are a great live band, but Hear Their Cries needs more arguments if you want to listen to it instead of the classics it has been inspired from. Davidian need to work on themselves if they don’t want to drown in the flood of newcomer metal bands.

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