DAWN OF SOLACE - The Darkness

Dawn Of Solace - The Darkness

8 songs
39:39 minutes
***** ***


Dawn Of Solace is a side project of Before The Dawn’s Tuomas Saukkonen. Although there are similarities between the two band names, Dawn Of Solace is a much darker affair than Before The Dawn which even entered the Finnish charts. While Before The Dawn are working on their third album, The Darkness is the first output by Dawn Of Solace.

The album starts with a three minute long and rather meaningless intro. The situation improves with the seven minute long Wings Of Darkness Attached On The Children Of The Light, an atmospheric song combining influences of Bathory, Candlemass and Primordial. The also long I Was Never There even contains more pathos and aims at a Viking and black metal audience. Dead Air, also released on a video clip, is shorter and has a more commercial touch. I Am Chaos, I Am Destruction is again an epic doom track projecting images of Viking dragon boats into your mind’s eye. The acoustic Winter Song suits perfectly into the general concept. Wrath Of Gods Amongst Us is another weighty track full epic and atmospheric harmonies. Unfortunately the album ends with a too long and boring outro.

Apart from the beginning and the end, The Darkness is one of the best Viking metal albums since Bathory’s masterpieces Hammerheart and Twilight Of The Gods. Tuomas Saukkonen is playing all the instruments by himself with only two guest vocalists helping out. Let’s hope that there will be more Dawn Of Solace releases in the future.

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