Daylight Dies - No Reply

9 songs
61:17 minutes
***** ****
Relapse / Suburban


If you don't consider their five track EP, No Reply is Daylight Dies' debut from North Carolina. They combine melodic gothic elements with aggressive thrash metal-like vocals and describe their style as dark metal. It surely has nothing to do with death metal, but it's nevertheless heavy and menacing, without losing the melodic touch. Daylight Dies show no interest in gothic clichés, so you won't hear any keyboards or female vocals on this CD. They are a bit in the same vein as Anathema or Opeth, especially while considering the emotional touch of their music. The opener The Line That Divides immediately shows how easy it seems to write a song which mixes melodies and aggressions. This diversified and complex song is maybe the highlight of the CD. Although the following tracks go more or less into the same direction, the record doesn't show a lack of compositional weakness. Finally you get surprised by the sixth song In The Silence which is a ballad and no further problem for Daylight Dies. Although the next song gets harder again, No Reply is a surprising and fascinating debut which one may recommend to fans of the bands mentioned above.

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