DeadBoyDreaming - A.L.C.P.

4 songs
11:55 minutes
***** ***


Can there be a better way to end the year? DeadBoyDreaming, a young extreme metal band from Luxembourg, finally release their debut CD-EP whose four songs hardly last twelve minutes, but they demonstrate convincingly that there is no doubt about who is the (musically) most radical new band in the Grand-Duchy. A.L.C.P. starts with Yeah Right, a song that kicks with tremendous power without limiting the band to a single genre. Old school death metal meets grindcore, and somewhere I seem to hear early thrash elements. The following Sympathy, with two minutes the shortest piece on the EP, emphasises the speed elements. Piece Of Shit may not be a nice way to call your song, but from a technical point of view, it's the highlight among the four songs. Groovy parts are massacred in the middle by a relentless grind attack, before the song ends in this cool groovy way again. The last track is called Dreadful, another classic DeadBoyDreaming song that unfortunately is followed by a minute of silence, making the CD even shorter than your player indicates.

DeadBoyDreaming remind me at times of local death metal heroes Desdemonia. They have the same organic take on extreme metal, adding technical virtuosity while never becoming trapped in complicated American East Coast structures. True, DeadBoyDreaming are more brutal, more extreme, but that shouldn't prevent any self-respecting death metal and grindcore fan to buy this album. Now we have to wait how these guys will fare in the future when they will record a full-length album.

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