DeadBoyDreaming - New Shit

10 songs
31:17 minutes
***** **


I have to admit it's starting to become really hard to write anything new about DeadBoyDreaming, as New Shit is already the third CD I have to review in not even a year. First there was their debut-EP with 4 songs, then in Spring we received an 6 track advance-CD, and now there is finally the debut longplayer, released in early Autumn this year.

Compared to the EP, you get the same four songs plus six new ones, amounting to half an hour of mostly mid-tempo death metal of the American East Coast style, with occasional elements of grindcore to freshen things up. Although sound wizard Charles Manson (he of HNV fame) was responsible for the production, I could have wished for a slightly more transparent sound; especially the gurgling vocals sometimes drown in the overall sound.

New Shit is still a really cool experience, only a bit meagre if you expected more new material after the EP. Those who are not yet familiar with DeadBoyDreaming's charmingly wicked death metal style are well advised to get this CD.

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