DEAD HEARTS - Bitter Verses

Dead Hearts - Bitter Verses

14 songs
32:41 minutes
***** ***


Dead Hearts from Buffalo, New York were formed in 2004 and quickly released a self-produced EP called No Hope, No Love. Several labels showed interest and finally an As I Lay Dying member helped them secure a deal with Ferret Music where Bitter Verses has bow been released.

Bitter Verses contains 14 songs and doesn't run much longer than half an hour. This doesn't surprise too much as Dead Hearts play a kind of old school hardcore punk close to bands like Slapshot, Agnostic Front and 7 Seconds. However they combine it with a more modern approach by adding emo rock and metal elements.

The album starts quite untypically. A short intro is followed by a depressing, psychotic, slo-mo metal song la Neurosis. The next two songs veer into a completely different direction as both are raw speed rock songs with an authentic punk spirit. They are followed by a short piano intermezzo to let you exhale before you get another four fierce tracks. I especially like the desperate sounding Epitaph and the dark Hope. The other two tracks are more classic hardcore tracks. There's another short break before the last four tracks arrive. Hollow is quite fast hardcore, Fail is a well done mix of faster and melodic parts, Abandonment is a great hardcore track with several changes of pace and the CD ends with Down, a slower tune quite similar to the opener.

Bitter Verses certainly isn't a too innovative album, but the variation from tense and anxious midtempo songs to faster and rocking hardcore music is done in a very fresh and unused way. Dead Hearts have recorded a respectable debut with cool grooves and no boring or overlength parts. They are definitely one of the more interesting newcomers in the huge hardcore scene that has become impossible to overview.

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