DEAD IDENTITIES - Music For The Waiting Room

Dead IDentities - Music For The Waiting Room

15 songs
37:06 minutes
***** **
Yesterday’s Gone


“Dead IDentities believe a song isn't worth playing if its not loud and fast with a sing a long chorus.”, says their band bio, and is summing up quite concisely what this British four-piece, consisting of two Englishmen and two New Zealanders, is all about. The slightly dull production aside – more transparency would have been welcome – the Dead IDentities storm through fifteen songs averaging two and a half minutes apiece. There is nothing whatsoever original here, but who cares, as long as their take on West Coast Eighties and Nineties punk with occasional ska and brit punk elements makes so much unadulterated fun?

If you imagine No FX jamming with the Descendents, with the Toy Dolls occasionally dropping in for a guest spot, then Music For The Waiting Room is exactly what you are looking for. I respect the fact that this album has been released on a still very young and small independent label, so I will not be too severe on the production, but next time, the guys should get a better mix because their new album is not exactly worse than the outputs of the American competition, and then I feel a bit sad that this CD could have been so much more powerful. There is certainly potential to this still young punk rock band.

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