DEADLINE - Bring The House Down

Deadline - Bring The House Down

13 songs
36:47 minutes
***** ****
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The quality of most British music rarely meets the expectations of the hype surrounding it. London based band Deadline fronted by vocalist Liz Rose are a refreshing exception to the rule, even though three of their five members are not from the UK but from France. Bring The House Down is already their fifth longplayer since their foundation in 2001, but they also released already a live CD, a live DVD plus a couple of singles and splits.

Liz Rose is still the centre of attention. Apart from her good looks (which don’t really matter on CD), she is armed with a fantastic voice that has been widely compared to Kim Wilde. Her clear, melodic yet raw delivery can be counted among the best in the punk rock sector. You won’t hear anything substantially new, but Deadline must have reached the same status like AC/DC and Motörhead who don’t need to reinvent themselves anymore. Deadline play melodic pop punk with wonderful arrangements full of catchiness. Bad Religion proved this recipe to be successful, and why should things be any different for Deadline? The songs are straightforward and dynamic, and some even manage to surprise. Two Heads comes with a ska rhythm, the title track is an unexpected hymn with all it takes to become a future classic, and These Boots Are Made For Walking shouldn’t need any further introduction.

Bring The House Down offers thirteen quite short and compact tracks that contain everything one would expect of Deadline. Long time fans and those who are into melodic punk rock will definitely not be disappointed.

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