DEAD SIDE - Sous les cendres

Dead Side - Sous les cendres

12 songs
39:57 minutes
***** *


Dead Side are a quartet from France with a predilection for the harder side of metal. The band was founded in the south of their country in 2007, and self-released two EPs in 2010 and 2012. After having been signed to M&O, they decided to work on a first longplayer.

The album is titled Sous les cendres and begins with a sombre intro before Carapace shows instantly what to expect of Dead Side. The band combines thrash metal, death metal and hardcore, with the emphasis shifting from song to song. Mea Culpa and FDH are for instance tracks where the musicians are acting very fiercely. The hectic and hysterical Hématome is also great fun. Especially the rhythm section is impressive, whipping the music steadily on. Unfortunately the band can’t keep up that level on energy on all the tracks. Whenever the band is throttling the pace, things seem to be dragging. Maslow s’écroule and the title track are two pieces that I like less therefore. A little different, but not necessarily bad is L’Ordalie where Dead Side sound like angry emo guys. It has to be said that vocalist Mike is a master of the screaming singing technique. At times one is afraid that he is turning his throat inside out.

And still, forty minutes later, I felt left with a somewhat stale aftertaste as Dead Side are better at rehashing than creating something original. I admit that the French band is acting with passion, but maybe this is a style that I have stopped listening to already years ago. Fans on extreme metal / hardcore music should nevertheless give the guys a chance.

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