DEADSOUL TRIBE - A Lullaby For The Devil

Deadsoul Tribe - A Lullaby For The Devil

10 songs
53:53 minutes
***** *****


A Lullaby For The Devil, Deadsoul Tribe’s fourth album, was released three years after their excellent January Tree. Front man Devon Graves (who used to be Buddy Lackey in the prog metal band Psychotic Waltz) took this time to give his band a completely new image. No longer tribal metal, the sound on A Lullaby For The Devil is much more diverse and complex, making this the most multi layered period in the history of Deadsoul Tribe.

The cover artwork hints that the flute still plays an important role. It’s present on a number of songs, but working best on the vivid instrumental The Gossamer Strand. But back to the beginning: the opener Psychosphere impresses with an overwhelming sound and is suitable for Nevermore fans due to its dark thrash feeling. It’s followed by the totally different and nine minute long Goodbye City Life which sometimes reminds me of Saga’s Generation 13 and Queensr˙che’s Operation: Mindcrime, with all the elements prog rock can possibly integrate. Here Come The Pigs is another contrast, presenting Deadsoul Tribe from a hitherto unknown brutal side. Lost In You is again something else and features sludge elements. A Stairway To Nowhere is a calmer song that amazes with harmonic arrangements with subtly hidden darker undertones.

Any Sign At All is a groovy and slightly doomy track which is sonically close to Candlemass. The retro sounding Fear adds elements of Jethro Tull and Pink Floyd and has potential to get radio airplay. The powerful Further Down is the album’s shortest track. The album ends with the complexly structured title track.

A Lullaby For The Devil, an enormous step forward for Deadsoul Tribe, has the potential to become a milestone in the history of prog music like Operation: Mindcrime and When Day And Dream Unite. Even if there are a few retro elements in the music, the combination with lots of other influences makes this a contemporary rock album nothing can be compared to.

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