DEAD TO THIS WORLD - First Strike For Spiritual Renewance

Dead To This World - First Strike For Spiritual Renewance

9 songs
37:50 minutes
***** ***
Dark Essence


Dead To This World are not a real band, but rather a project by two musicians who are into extreme metal. Brainchild and founder is Stian Smorholm (ex-Immortal, Necrophagi), also known as Iscariah, in charge of vocals, guitars, bass and a little programming. He’s supported by Gorgoroth drummer Kvirtrafn. Founded in 2002, they released a demo and a split-EP with Audiopain. First Strike For Spiritual Renewance is their first full length album.

The martial cover artwork reminds of Sodom twenty years ago, therefore it’s no surprise that they lie stylistically in Eighties thrash and speed territories, even if they are closer to bands like Kreator and Destruction. The basic production makes its best to set thrash nostalgics two decades back into the past. This retro touch feels very authentic, as there are never any contemporary influences. The songs are fast and straightforward, without any complex doodling, which emphasises its credibility. Melodic components are hard to find, but the raw mix of thrash, speed and black metal works great and will certainly appeal to fans of old school extreme metal. Even the longer Hammer Of The Gods has enough suspense to make it over its rounds.

The album is no revelation, but a splendid tribute to a part of the metal scene which is no longer in the spotlight these days. Great songwriting, a high amount of brutality, crazy drumming and a gloomy atmosphere make you crave for more. Dead To This World can justifiably be proud of their first longplayer.

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