DEARLY DEPORTED - Watching From A Distance

Dearly Deported - Watching From A Distance

13 songs
41:18 minutes
***** ***


Founded in Belgium in 2000, Dearly Deported released two demos and a self produced full-length CD before Watching From A Distance became their first album released on a label.

They consider Ten Foot Pole and The Heideroosjes as their major influences, which should give you already a global overview of what you can expect. They play quite conventional punkrock, sometimes more melodic, sometimes aggressive and even emotional moments are present in their music. The opener Strength To Believe is so melodic that it gets you into a positive mood and makes you want to listen to the rest of the album. The following Convince Me is a nice midtempo song with summer hit potential. My two highlights are 10 To 1, a cool mixture of fast punk parts with a mega melodic chorus, and Easy Way that is sounding like the male counterpart to Bambix. Although most parts of the album can be classified as melodic kiddie punk on quite a high level, there's also a screamo song (Let's Talk About Us) on the record which is a welcome diversion. The songwriting is absolutely convincing and surely up to every punk rock fan's taste. Furthermore Dearly Deported should be glad to have a singer with a strong voice who doesn't annoy with wimpy vocals.

Dearly Deported have reason to be satisfied with their label debut. The album isn't too short it doesn't contain a single song that may be counted as below average and the production is quite fat. But I can't give more than 8 points as the final result is however too ordinary, if not bad at all.

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