Death Before Dishonor - Count Me In

13 songs
28:02 minutes
***** ***
Bridge Nine


It’s been only half a year since we reviewed a re-release of an EP by this Boston based old school hardcore band. Now Death Before Dishonor are back with their first full length album on Bridge Nine, but then full length is a term that doesn’t really apply here. Hammering thirteen songs down in not even half an hour, Death Before Dishonor recall the good old times when bands like Agnostic Front and Cro-Mags were what hardcore was all about, and no one even had the remotest idea that one day the genre would be watered down by metalcore.

Count Me In is an uncompromising piece of hardcore, starting with a short intro before delivering a dozen short bursts (averaging two minutes) of double bass drum heavy hardcore songs. The vocals are piss angry, the guitars scream like in the good old days, and the attitude is macho in a positive way, spreading testosterone all over. And when the short CD ends with a Boston-ised version of Cock Sparrer’s England Belongs To Me, who am I to argue, because one look at Death Before Dishonor’s thuggish tattoo gang suggest you better enjoy without questioning.

Count Me In is in no way innovative, but therefore refreshing old school hardcore that doesn’t care for current trends. These guys really must feel what they are doing, and that by itself deserves respect. The fat production and the short but fitting running time make Count Me In a respectable piece of hardcore that feels vintage but never dated.

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