DEATH BEFORE DISHONOR - Friends Family Forever

Death Before Dishonor - Friends Family Forever

16 songs
44:18 minutes
***** ***
Bridge Nine


In early 2005, Boston based hardcore five-piece Death Before Dishonor released an EP called Friends Family Forever. It contained seven tracks and was nearly twenty minutes long. Now there is a new edition of this record with a lot of bonus tracks.

The original recordings are energetic hardcore songs with a variation of fast and midpaced parts. There are some real rough hardcore classics like the opener Born From Misery and the rocking Never Again, but metal fans will probably like the metallic guitar chords on tracks like the moshing Endless Suffering and the extremely fast but melodic title track where guest singer Aaron Knuckles (Death Threat) is adding some vocals. The production isn't too bad and especially the vocals and the rhythm section can be heard clearly.

The bonus tracks are three songs from a split-CD with Black Friday 29 which have the same high level than the original tracks. Finally there are six live recordings which slightly suffer from a worse sound, but the presentation is nevertheless sounding as a powerful and authentic live recording. Most live tracks have already appeared on the same record as studio versions.

Death Before Dishonor have dedicated themselves to classic and violent hardcore which of course isn't too original, but anyone who liked this kind of music may find his interest in this well done hardcore record. And even if you have the original EP, you may still find enough interesting material on the new edition.

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