DEATH BY KITE - Death By Kite

Death By Kite - Death By Kite

11 songs
37:43 minutes
***** ***


If I wanted this to be an easy review, I would say that Danish three-piece Death By Kite play noisy indie rock. But if you want to give them justice, you have to invest more time into their self-titled debut album. Heavily influenced by all that is Nineties, Death By Kite fortunately manage always to stay on the cohesive side of music, even though they are genre-hopping like mad, adding everything from post punk to noise rock, from indie pop to shoegaze into their music. Their single cut Bhf Asta could as well have come from one of the trendy Brit bands I try so hard not to know at right this moment, Himmelfahrtskommando seems to have the guitar treated by a loop effect which makes this a rather hypnotic song, and when the band wants to show off their accessible side, as on Hiroshima, they remind me of Placebo.

Vocal duties are shared by guitarist Bjorn Alexander Gotzsche Lange (nice short name) and bass player Sidsel Marie Hermansen, and show parallels to Rainer Maria, although Death By Kite have a higher noise factor on the guitars. This is contrasted again by the sometimes very catchy songwriting, as if their label mates Mob decided to concentrate on more digestible song structures.

Death By Kite are from Copenhagen and not from London, and maybe they are a bit too abrasive for streamlined kiddie ears, but Death By Kite have a lot of talent and the necessary songwriting abilities to go along with it. Their self-titled debut may at times feel like an encyclopaedic treatise of the last decade, but the homogenous production takes care that it always feels like a band effort with occasional kick ass attitude.

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