Death Do Us Part - Legend

10 songs
34:49 minutes


Metalcore has become so trendy that a new band has to be really awesome, otherwise they risk to drown in a sea of sameness. New Jersey band Death Do Us Part state that they are influenced by The Black Dahlia Murder and Between The Buried And Me. But neither the melodies of the former nor the progressive complexity are to be found in their sound. The main vocalist has a rather rough voice, adding a certain old school touch, although the band tries hard at times to add dual guitar leads and melodic vocals, and it’s on tracks like In Remembrance and Legend where this works best, juxtaposing simple hardcore brutality with cleaner metalcore sounds.

Eventually we are left with an album which rarely delivers glorious moments, but is instead a typical run-of-the-mill product which raises the question if their target audience, mostly teenage kids probably, have enough pocket money to buy every single last metalcore release. There’s certainly better out there!

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