DEATHKILLER - New England Is Sinking

Deathkiller - New England Is Sinking

13 songs
26:49 minutes
***** ***
I Scream


Deathkiller from Connecticut have best chances to win the award for the most uninspired band name. The name and the cover showing bombs dropped down to earth gave the impression that Deathkiller were another brutal metal core band. My fear stayed when I read that singer and guitarist Matt is a former Hatebreed musician and Anthony used to play drums for Most Precious Blood.

The first riffs of the opener Take Me To Your Bleeder aren’t sounding as metal as I was expecting. Although I was initially prejudiced, I became soon amazed by the cool melody this song was built upon, and comparisons to Black Flag came to my mind. Singer Matt likes to scream, but he has also a range of clearer vocals. Slight emo core influences make Deathkiller sound like a more BoySetsFire. Some songs contain abrupt breaks like Helmet used to be over a decade ago. One of my favourite tracks is the psychotic You Know The Drill where I dare to compare Deathkiller to Neurosis. The angry Celebrity DJ is suitable for old school hardcore fans. Let The Good Times Fold is a groovy track with strong bass lines.

Deathkiller haven’t produced the most innovative album with their debut, but it is entertaining during its entire short running time. They have found the right mixture of brutality, melodies, grooves and distortions. Everyone who followed the hardcore and emo core scenes during the last twenty-five years will discover parallels to different bands but should still find some interest in the global product by Deathkiller.

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