DEBRIS INC. - Debris Inc.

Debris Inc. - Debris Inc.

17 songs
49:08 minutes
***** ****
Rise Above


David Chandler used to play guitar in Saint Vitus, the most important second generation doom band ever. Ron Holzner was bass player for legendary Christian dope rockers Trouble. When two guys like these get together to form a new band, we should actually expect a feast for slo-mo freaks. Call it mid-life crisis, but what we get is one hell of a basic punk album, and not the nice and clean and politically correct kiddie punk we can see on MTV. With raucous cover versions of X's Nausea and Fear's I Love Living In The City, they clearly show that they have been inspired by early Eighties East Coast punk, and in fact the whole album sounds at times like a long lost Black Flag session. Next to the short pissed off punk tracks, there are also a couple true doom pieces, where especially The Old Man And His Bong and The Life And Times Of Claude And Elmo stand out.

What is truly amazing about this self-titled debut is the simple production that sounds like taped straight to an analogue stereo microphone from the rehearsal room. Where Holzner's bass guitar is at times uncommonly melodic (yet not that often, don't be afraid), Chandler's guitar is extremely primitive and straight in your face. When people can be nearly 50 years old and still make such noisy primal albums, there is yet hope for the elderly. Hi-fi metal fans will certainly get their permed hair upset, but punk smashers like Full Of Shit and You're The Reason I'm Medicated are the kick-assest shit I have heard since nearly 20 years. This album may come 25 years late, but better late than never. If you were into Trouble and St Vitus, better pre-listen before buying. This must be the album they always wanted to do but never had the courage to do before. A revelation for fans of gritty doom punk!

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