DECADENCE - Chargepoint

Decadence - Chargepoint

9 songs
38:01 minutes
***** ***
Spiritual Beast/Universal


According to the Internet Metal Archives, there are thirteen bands all over the world called Decadence. This makes it hard to keep an overview, but I doubt that there is one among them sounding as fantastic as this Swedish thrash metal band. Vocalist Metallic Kitty once again does her name justice, just as on the predecessor 3rd Stage Of Decay, and is uttering sounds that would even make a screaming pioneer like Sabina Classen envious.

Decadence’s fourth album Chargepoint is seamlessly continuing the excellence of their previous CD, logically continuing what they did before. Already the opener Discharge amazes with fat and fast riffs, great guitar solos and a grating voice that fits perfectly. The following Silent Weapon comes even a notch harder, calling up musical reminiscences to Destruction. All of this is once again topped with Out Of Ashes, where the vocals add some black metal touches. Even though the band is playing really fast most of the time, there is sufficient room for pace chances that make for the necessary variation. While Fast Forward is sounding totally retro, Challenge comes in a more melodic way, also working quite well for the band. Actually each of the first eight tracks is amazing, also thanks to a splendidly harmonising rhythm section. Only the bonus track The Demon’s Run, a slightly less fast instrumental, can’t convince me so much. With so much potential to call their own, Decadence could easily have unleashed two further tracks to pad the rather short running time.

These should only be two minor complaints, because Decadence are excellent at their trade, making Chargepoint a must-have for every quality conscious thrash metal fan. This is timeless metal music that had our heads banging already twenty years ago, and will certainly have us headbanging twenty years from now!

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