DECAPITATED - Organic Hallucinosis

Decapitated - Organic Hallucinosis

7 songs
32:32 minutes
***** ***


Poland's Decapitated had an average age of 14 years when they were founded in 1996, making them the Tokyo Hotel of death metal. It took them another four years to release their debut album, and since then you can expect every two years a new album, with Organic Hallucinosis being their fourth one already.

I was until now only familiar with Nihility, their 2002 release, which was an impressive showcase of modern technological death metal. From a musical point of view, not that much has changed since then, but their new singer Covan brings a new dimension to their sound. Although quite a few people seem to have a problem with his more hardcore punk sounding vocals, it also gives Decapitated a less clinical atmosphere. In fact at times they sound like a more progressive Sepultura, combining abrasive vocal material with technically astounding guitar and rhythm work.

Apart that on my promo copy, a voice is reminding me twice during every song that I am listening to the new Decapitated album (are there no other ways to prevent MP3s to leak to the Internet before the official release date?), my only other complaint is the much too short running time. Some online shops sell Organic Hallucinosis for the price of an EP, so that should be consolation. Or try to get your hands on the limited edition that comes with a live DVD.

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